Wednesday, March 2, 2011


 X is sy to get the service of a brief 20 323 mx tv Polytron SJA lg yach hehehehehehe execute lazy, tv is damaged on Hor TR who always broken in a matter of seconds when turn on tv in this tv when it comes to workplace sya LED indicator does not flash and regulator noise sounds ngiiiiiiiiiiiik, once the search for causes sy ny hor nternyata short TR TRS sy replace with new-and fter installation sya try hsilny tv turn on tv and flame dn gk mo dlam matter of a few seconds only new-sy Hor TR pairs of broken-down again, dgan events Such was his sense is the cause that kills instantly Hor TR. check sy solderanya resonant capacitor and then was ok ok sya just wondering if his reply back ply is damaged? sy was not long and try to pull in measuring the digital tster dgan ssaja ternayata right back trsbut short.lantas sy ply ply back trsbut dgan replace the same type and TR Hor ny new-well, after the replacement of 2 components trsbut sy try and turn on the tv lg bbbyyyyarrrrrrrrrrr tv normal flame smpy several stories ny friend kawn jam.begitulah ku.suskes for you all

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